Pay It Forward Friday

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This isn’t a completely unusual story, although I do wish it happened more often in the world. A number of years ago on a Friday morning, the person in the drive-thru line in front of me at a coffee shop paid for my coffee and the only thing the barista was told to say to me was “Happy Friday.” That tiny act of kindness completely made my day and has stuck with me ever since. I decided at that moment that I would make a point to pay it forward every Friday in honor of the impact that it had on me. Such a feeling deserves to be shared. Although I tend to perform random acts of kindness nearly every day, when Friday comes around, I am reminded of that stranger who bought my coffee and I seek out an opportunity pay it forward with intention.

As I ponder over what my act for today will be, I thought a little inspiration might be helpful to share. Perhaps this list from Positively Smitten will spark something in you on this Friday, as well. If you are so inclined, I’d love if you stopped back by to tell me how you spread a little kindness today.


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