Top Five Ways to Make Memorable Moments

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A colleague and I were talking just last week about how we are already approaching mid-year. Where did the past 5 months go? Didn’t we just celebrate the new year? The older I get, the faster the days seem to just slip away. This isn’t a new thought or concept when you have an ever growing busy life, as most of us do, and there are countless articles and books on the subject. Whether it’s a career that keeps you running, or family duties, or likely even both. When you spend time so much of your time pushing through the day-to-day routines, it can be tough to differentiate one day from the next. Not to say that there is anything wrong with routine, in fact, some of us tend to thrive on it, but changing things up periodically can lend itself to the perception of slowing down time.  Someone once told me that you need to make memorable moments in order to make life feel longer, and in my experience, that couldn’t be more true.

With that, I give you my Top Five Ways to Make Memorable Moments:

  1. Travel.  This doesn’t have to mean jumping on a plane or taking long trips every time, but take a weekend or even just a few hours to visit a new place every now and again. Have a new experience and meet new people. Maybe it’s a trip to a brunch spot in a town an hour away that you’ve never been to, or a hike on a mountain trail with an incredible view that you’ve never seen. Plot out an adventure, or be spontaneous and go for a drive without any set plans.
  2. Try out a new activity.   Jump on a trampoline (be careful of your knees), hop on a bike, go to a yoga class, try zip lining. Whatever it is, give something a shot that you haven’t tried before. Your brain will light up and really pay attention, and time will most certainly expand.
  3. Take a class.  There are endless possibilities and it’s never too late to learn something new. You could sign up for an online class through Skillshare, take piano at the music studio down the road, or join a cooking class. Here in Charlotte we have an excellent and constantly changing selection of opportunities through pop up classes with Skillpop. Expand your mind and expand your time.
  4. Meet new people. There may be plenty of chances to make this happen with some of the other noted items, but if you tend to be a bit of an introvert like me, you may even want to consider joining a Meetup group. There are usually plenty to choose from, just pick a group with similar interests and have fun. It’s far easier than you might think.
  5. Change up your routine. This might be the easiest one of all. Take a different route to work. Stop by a new place for lunch. Try out a new recipe for dinner. Read a book instead of watching TV for a night. Go for a walk in the rain. Whatever it is, make it simple, but if you mix up your day a bit from your standard routine, your brain will thank you.

These are just a few of my favorite ways to jump off the hamster wheel and make memorable moments. I’d love to hear some of yours!

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