Kindness During Tragedy

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It’s hard to believe that it was just last week when the horrifying attack in Manchester took place. It almost as if the more these terror incidents occur, the faster they seem to be dropping from the headlines, and sometimes our heads. In some cases, it can also be too much for us to process. With all of the upheaval that we are seeing in the world, it’s no wonder that many of us feel the need to stop and turn off the news for a while.

This week, I found myself reading a different kind of news. Stories of the kindness of the people in Manchester amid the wake of the tragic events that took precious lives, and darkened so many others. There is the news of Sam Arshad, the co-owner of the Street Cars Manchester Taxi company, who asked his fleet to provide free rides the night of the attack, which they did without hesitation. Then there are the stories of the people of Manchester who continue to show their support and kindness to the police who have been pushing themselves endlessly during the investigation since the attack. People were delivering them tea, pizza, and sometimes just hugs.

Despite news of tragedy, the touching stories of kindness always come to the surface. Communities pull together and lift each other up with support and love. While my heart continues to ache for their loss, I am reminded again of how powerful kindness towards one another really is and how important it is that we practice this always. Our compassion for each other builds a foundation for strength and courage within all of us.

Today, I implore you to seek out an opportunity to pay a little kindness to someone in your life or towards a complete stranger, because you make a difference in the world. Perhaps you will also hold the people of Manchester in your hearts while doing so.


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