Top Five Podcasts to Start the Day

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Like many people, I found myself wandering into the world of podcasts when Serial came onto the scene. When that first season ended, I started exploring what else might be available and I was surprised to see how much content was out there in just about every genre and topic you can imagine. Using my Player FM app, I’ve pored through a variety of subjects, but most mornings I pop in my ear buds, head out for a walk, and start my day with something inspirational. Over these past few months I’ve grown particularly fond of a handful of podcasts that include some excellent episodes for meaningful life, work and overall growth, so it only seems fair to share of few of these with you. In exchange, I’m always on the hunt for another great listen, no matter the genre, so I welcome you to share yours in the comments.

(My Current) Top Five Podcasts to Start The Day:

  1. The Accidental Creative – Host Todd Henry interviews authors, artists and business leaders, and offers tips on how to build practical, everyday practices to help you stay prolific, brilliant and healthy in life and work.
  2. The Introvert Entrepreneur – Beth Buelow hosts an excellent space filled with interviews and conversations about life and work from an introvert perspective.
  3. The Art of Meaningful Work – Ernest Barbaric interviews authors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who found their path to fulfilling work.
  4. Inspire Nation – The name says it all. Michael Sandler offers countless episodes of “extraordinary guests sharing valuable wisdom.”
  5. Best Work, Best Life – Kathy Caprino and Mo Faul provide insights and interviews to illuminate on career, work, life, balance and success. This is the one that started my morning inspiration routine – I’m a big fan.



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