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Honoring Those Impacted by Harvey

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There are so many stories circling around about the floods from Hurricane Harvey this past week. Stories of loss, devastation, and tragedy. It’s heartbreaking and frightening to see what is happening in that part of our country, and it’s difficult to not feel an overwhelming sadness for those in the center of it. I was reminded that as troubling as all of this is, these are times when we also see the great kindness of people, communities are banding together and reaching out however they can to show support. It seems that nearly every moment on the news there is talk of bravery by ordinary folks pushing through extreme circumstances to save lives. There are so many good people in this world and despite such darkness, there are boundless moments of light.

There are more difficult times ahead for the folks in these affected areas, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to spend Pay it Forward Friday for this month than to take a moment to honor all of those who are impacted. I encourage you to keep them in your thoughts and I hope you carry them with you beyond this Friday. While I realize that everyone has already seen a number of calls for support, the need is going to continue to expand as the situation develops. You may consider the charity or organization of your choice, but I have also provided a few links of resources below in the event it helps.

The American Red Cross

Texas Diaper Bank – You can also find updates on their Facebook page.

Save The Children

The Greater Houston Community Foundation

GoFundMe – They’ve created a landing page for campaigns related to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief.

ASPCA – The animals need support, too.


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