I’m Tracie Guild, a 40-something wife, sister, and friend, who also identifies as an adult child of an alcoholic, introvert, helper, peacemaker and survivor. Although originally from the Chicago area, I have lived all over the country, but have called Charlotte, NC home for over 11 glorious years. I have a very busy career and as I’ve hit the edge of mid-life, it has become all too important that I jump off this hamster wheel and also make time to focus on my growth and my passions. Life is short and I have grown keenly aware that there is much that I have to give, and much that I need to do. It took me a while to get here, but this is where I stop just being – and start doing.

I grew up in a home of addiction, endured an abusive relationship, and have recently come to terms with my own struggles with alcohol and am newly sober since 2/20/18. Resilience seems to be my middle name. I’m still learning and growing every day, and while I never originally intended that this blog would be used a personal journal, it wasn’t long before I realized that sharing some of my stories has meant something to others. People who have experienced dysfunctional childhoods, abuse, and/or addiction often find comfort and reassurance in being able to relate to others, and while all of our stories may be different, in many ways we share a vast number of commonalities because of them. Our stories build connections and connections build our lives.

I always encourage comments, and I’d love to hear from you if you have a story or can relate in any way to anything that I write. I would also be inclined to publish a story here if you have one you wish to share, but I would do so only on with your clear permission and certainly anonymously, if that is your preference. You can reach me through my Contact page just to say hello or to send me something you want to share. I will never publish anything unless I have your explicit permission.

Thank you for following along.

-Tracie Guild